In My Mind

Welcome ladies and gentlemen and experience my thought process, look at the world through my eyes. As a homemaker and a mother my ideals are often overlooked, so I wanted to use a platform to get my word across. I may not have been on the earth for so long, but I feel like I have seen and been through enough to a point where I can openly voice my opinions. I will write about everything I am exposed to from motherhood to my political views. I feel it is so important to speak up and have your voice heard, regardless of what platform you choose. I chose to blog, because I am not comfortable speaking to a visible audience.

The reason I named my blog “Ramblings of a Virgo” is because I am a virgo, and I am very interested in how people’s zodiac signs influence their character. It doesn’t mean that I sit down and look at my horoscope everyday, I’m not interested in that, I am just curious about how the zodiac signs are defined. Growing up my father used to mention how he was a Pisces, I always wondered what is he talking about. I started to look into the zodiac system when I entered my teenage years. I started to match my fiends and family to their sign and would think ” wow they really do act like that”. I hope during my writing process my references to the zodiac signs doesn’t annoy you.

I hope my thoughts and ideas are appreciated and welcomed with positivity. I will appreciate constructive criticism, but any bullying and profanity will not be tolerated. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or are looking for advice from my perspective. Hopefully we have a very enlightening journey together.


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