Raising children in a country divided


Unless you are living under a rock you might not have heard about the results of the United States Elections. Yes, Trump won, and I along with many others felt the shock waves. I never felt more fear or disappointment for the future of my country and fellow citizens. But, even before myself I felt more afraid for my child, my automatic response was to fight this in any way I could, to shield him from any  negativity that he could encounter, to give him hope. I want to share my status update from Facebook on the day of the results, ‘As I was following the election last night I didn’t want to believe what was happening, I was in denial, and thought let me sleep hopefully by some miracle Clinton will win. Morning came around and I was in a crazed state of emotions, is this really the country I live in, what happened to everyone’s moral compass?! This wasn’t even the hard part, my son was right next to me, he wakes up and I kid you not the first thing he says is “mommy is Donald Trump going to take away our country from us?” I felt my heart being ripped out, I said “of course not, why would you think that?” Then he says ” are we going to have to move to a different country?” I said ” no we won’t, don’t worry about it.” I didn’t know how to break it to him, but I told him that Trump won, and for anyone who knows my son they know that he can never sit still and loves to talk, he just went still and silent, just stairing at the wall, I asked him what happened and, he said ” I really wanted Hilary to win.” Me too baby me too.’

As soon as the results came in and it was confirmed Donald Trump is the President Elect, the people who only voted for him for the purpose of racial targeting started to come out of the woodwork. There were incident reports from all over the country of people, who were of different ethnicities and religion being targeted, openly. And, one group of humans who were also effected were, children. There have been multiple occasions where kids are being bullied or physically assaulted by their peers or an administrative figure. 

Nothing makes a parent more afraid than not being able to control the environment that surrounds their children, nothing makes them more afraid of not being able to be there to witness and prevent any sort of incident from happening. My son is in school most of the day, and just because he is in first grade, he still can be a target. Because, people who are racist don’t have a set of guidelines, they target whoever that fits their agenda, regardless if the other person is an adult or child. The best thing we can do for our children is instill the best values we can, to teach them the difference between whats right and wrong. We need to teach them to speak up for themselves and others, to assess the situation and how to react. I have told my son many times, if he is ever in a situation where he is being mistreated to always speak up and tell a grown up, and to always tell either me or his father. As parents the worse possible thing we can do is not to listen to our child, I know some parents, myself included ( at one point), used to think he’s just being dramatic it can’t be that bad, especially if I haven’t heard from his school, until I got a message from the parent of another child who witnessed what was happening, and then it hit me, hard.

Now, I am more aware and more involved. As a parent you should know what you have to do from your end, what are your resources, who do you talk to. I believe always inform the teacher and or the school, don’t wait to see how it plays out. If the situation is not resolved in a timely manner ( 1-2 days) contact the school board, and file a complaint with the authorities ( Police). Make your voice heard at the school board meeting. And, always look into legal help, as they can better assist you.

Please reassure your self and those around you especially your children, that everything is going to be ok. Keep your emotions in check, because your kids are more aware then you might think! Just believe and pray for a better tomorrow.
Please share my message with as many people as you can, we need more positivity then ever!


-Ramblings of a Virgo





One thought on “Raising children in a country divided

  1. This was such an insightful read! Being a parent makes everything more emotional and worrisome. Like you said, all we can do is have hope that everything will be okay. If he is to be our new president, then we should hope that he’s the absolute best president possible (which of course, means going back on a lot of the things that he’s said).

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