God, are You watching?

With everything going on in the world you can’t help but feel like your faith is being tested. I question my beliefs, I question the existence of God, I question the people around me, about where they stand with their belief. There are so many mixed emotions, anger, sadness, and loss. You can’t help but think why is God letting these things happen in the world, why is He letting innocent men women and children die. You wonder, what did these innocent beings do to be tortured, humiliated, and killed. It is not just about the wars going around the world, it’s also about the mass shootings, it’s also about how  innocent people including children are abused sexually, physically, and mentally. I often wonder, we read and hear about how God has so much love and mercy for the good and He equally punishes those who are bad, but then why are innocent people being hurt? You know its hard enough having to deal these kinds of questions, but then having to answer your child about why God isn’t doing anything is just torture.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in self-doubt and anger of the unknown, its human nature to think that you have the answers to everything. You often don’t think about how  the victims, who have to deal with this, where does their belief rest, are they as confused or do they give up completely. After reading and watching countless interviews and footage its crystal clear that they never let go of their faith, if anything they grasp on to it even harder. They always clarify that God is going to get them through, and He is going to give them justice. It’s after listening  to the interviews that you understand that even with so much tragedy their faith in God didn’t waiver, so why should I get anger or confused, when those people have so much belief, I should pray twice as much, I should try to understand my faith better, and I should try to love God more.

Slightly off topic but, I think that there should be more coverage of whats going on in the world, rather than focusing on whats going on in a celebrity’s life or what nonsense some political leaders are up to. The public should be made aware of how important every human life is, and shouldn’t be pushed under a rug. And, the only way things are going to change is if religious leaders draw more attention to the crisis and offer more spiritual support. If, political leaders who don’t agree with whats going on speak up and condemn the attacks on humanity, and if celebrities also raise more awareness.

There are many ways we can help out, we can raise awareness, by contacting your local news stations via email or using your social platforms.You can donate to charities who are affiliated with your cause. And, we can pray for the oppressed, regardless of what religion they follow or what religion you follow. God always tests your faith in Him, it’s up to us to push through and keep our faith in tact. Please send out a prayer for all of the families who have lost a loved one or are gone too soon, may God bless their souls and may He gave everyone the patience to bear the pain.


– Ramblings of a Virgo


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