My kid is turning into a zombie!

With so much advancement in technology it’s no wonder kids are glued to some sort of screen. Kids spend countless hours on iPads, phones, or TV’s, those kids that go to school make up for lost time during the weekend. I’m no medical expert or scientist, but I am a mom and I know when something is benefiting my child and when something is harming him. I’ve noticed when my son was younger, before he was exposed to handheld technology he had a really good appetite and was more active. He was more focused on his surroundings and interested in new activities.

Yes, there are benefits with keeping up with technology and teaching your children to excel as well, but we cannot ignore the cons either. My major concern was the lack of appetite kids have, they lose track of time and are so consumed with their devices they’re not interested in their food. My second concern is the lack of focus, kids are so busy in their deceives they don’t pay attention to their environment and are more accident prone. And, finally another concern is the lack of the exercise, kids lose sense of time sitting around  and become lethargic. I feel like as a parent these concerns should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Now, what am I doing to disable these habits? I was at a loss as to what to do, I ended up calling my dad and he gave me advice and told me to implement it right away. First of all I had to come up with a schedule for the whole week, Monday to Friday after school he only gets an hour or less on any device depending on his behaviour, and on the weekend he gets two or three hours, which are divided to hour and half in the morning and hour and half in the evening. To go ahead with the schedule your first step is to take away all the devices and time them, do this while the kids are at school, after you have set up the devices, hide them. When your kids come home or come to you asking for the device, sit them down and calmly tell them whats going on. There is going to be tears and screaming, so mentally prepare yourself and let them cry it out, be patient. Introduce and do new activities with them, reunite them with books.

It all depends on your preferences, you can either go cold turkey (like me) or you can wean them off, which is going to take longer, but there will be less drama. After going through with my plan I have noticed a significant change in my son’s habits, he’s eating more ( thank God!)  he’s more active, he actually wants to go outside and play in the yard. He was struggling in school, but he’s doing so much better and catching up with his requirements.   This isn’t a foul proof plan, but anything to bring him back on track, simple rule as ‘ no device at the dinner table’ is a great step. It isn’t going to be easy, but in the end the result is worth the the fight. So, good luck to all the mommies and daddies out there!

Here are some links and apps to help you limit screen time; 




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