He’s a Mama’s Boy

I used to look at my husband and think, ‘Oh my  god, he’s such a mama’s boy!’ little did I know my son isn’t to far behind in becoming one as well. I don’t know why there is so much negative stigma attached to the term ‘ mama’s boy’ its really not a bad thing, depending on the severity of the attachment and your patience. Some women prefer to be with men who have a strong relationship with their mothers because it means that they know how to respect women. The bond between a mother and her son is indescribable, the overwhelming need to protect and nourish, to stabilize and watch him grow is extraordinary. Being the eldest of four siblings, (who are all girls) I wasn’t too aware of the term ‘ mama’s boy’, that is until I got married, and spoke to other women who were married or had male partners.

Before I explain about boys being ‘mama’s boys’ I want to point out how I think husbands are ‘mama’s boys’. He acts like a little boy in front of her, it’s a constant cry for attention when their mom is around, wanting to be pampered like they were when they were kids. He’s got a guilt complex, from a young age mothers make their sons feel guilty for not making them happy, that sense of guilt can carry on through life, causing them to second guess themselves and harm their confidence on decision-making. He compares your cooking, this habit is the most common and the most aggravating, no matter how hard you try mom’s cooking is always going to be best, its more of an emotional attachment that comes with having mom’s food. He tells her everything, they talk all the time, which isn’t an issue, but when he starts telling her about the issues you both are having and giving a play by-play of what happens at home, it gets annoying, because you two should be able to work out your problems before involving anyone else. These things are minor, but can get aggravating if you don’t talk it out and set boundaries.

Now, your son displays different habits which will evolve into the above mentioned traits.  Just like girls boys need to be shown affection, because they are just as sensitive if not more than girls. Because, society paints a picture of boys needing to be brave and strong, when they exhibit behavior such as crying they are made to feel embarrassed, thus they end up suppressing their feelings and grow more attached to their mothers.

The things boys do that make them ‘mama’s boys’, wants you to feed them when at home, it doesn’t matter how old they get unless you are strict and teach them to eat independently they will always want you to feed them, but can magically feed themselves when eating out or in front of company. Doesn’t pick up after himself ever, because they are catered too and not given responsibilities they don’t see the problem of not cleaning up after themselves. Has zero patience, and whines about not getting their way, because mom is a pushover they get their way with everything and want it right then and there, they expect the same from everyone. And, when that doesn’t happen they throw a fit, and run to mom for everything, mom has to fix everything and bring order to his world. He wants to sleep with you instead of sleeping in his own room, this is more of an emotional habit, because he has to be a big boy in front of the world, mommy is the one place he can relax and be himself and feel secure, thus wanting to sleep with you because you are his safe place.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I love my ‘mama’s boy’, I’m trying to teach him to be more independent by getting him to pick up after himself and dress himself, it’s a process and it takes time. Boys are only boys for so long and before you know it they will be men, so you should cherish your time with each other.







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