How can you tell I’m hurting…

It’s funny how we as humans, well most humans, try to hide our feelings to the best of our abilities. We try to put on a facade so no one else sees, it could be for many reasons; ego, fear, or self-pity. But, we forget that when you meet someone who genuinely cares about you, they can read you like a book, and sometimes its just plain to see when your smile doesn’t reach your eyes.

How lucky are those people, who find someone who can empathize with them. Someone who can try to break the barriers, and bring them above their pain. I feel like we should have someone who we can open up to completely, so that way the burden is lessened and we don’t let that negativity engulf us. Everyone should have someone to lean on.

I wish someone could see my pain, and help me throw it away.


-Ramblings of a Virgo


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