Earth Shattering Love

I am a dreamer, I have always been a dreamer, coming up with scenarios about the perfect man. I believe in the saying that you can only find true love once, and that nothing compares to your first love. I don’t know if the second part is true or not, but something tells me it is. Maybe, because I was younger and naive I believed it to be true. I felt like the center of his universe, I felt like I mattered, I felt like I had wings. It was that crazy earth shattering love. But, some things aren’t meant to be.

I feel like every woman wants a man who treats her like she is the center of his universe. Someone who makes her feel secure and loved. Someone who treats her with respect and looks at her with adoration. Someone willing to take a bullet for her. Someone who can make her feel that crazy earth shattering love…


-Ramblings of a Virgo


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