He was nine and I was four, we were friends, thick as thieves, he was tall and lean I was short and skinny.

We were family friends, him and I. One day he was over with his family, “lets play a new game, do you trust me?” He checked to see if the coast was clear, I was so excited, what could this new game be!

He pushed me up against the wall clenching my hands above my head “All the grown ups do it, it’s fun you’ll see”. He leaned in putting his body weight on me, he kept trying to bring his lips to mine and running his hand over my body, but I was squirming.

“Shut up and stop moving, you’re ruining it for me!” This game isn’t fun, he’s just being mean.

“Oye! What are you doing?!” It’s my mommy!

Mommy rushes over to me, she pushes him off, and he runs away.

“What were you doing, can you please tell me?!” Nothing mommy, he was teaching me a new game to play.

” Child, listen to me, he wasn’t playing a game, he was trying to rob your innocence, it’s a very important lesson you see, there are going to many boys, guys, or men, who will try to corner you just like this and try to hurt you my baby.”

Child molestation occurs every second of every day, all over the world. It happens in every race. Child molesters range in age, they could be as young as seven, and they can be female as well. Child molesters come in all walks of life, in most cases children are Β molested by someone who they know of, they can be a family member, teacher, religious leader, or anyone else your child has been in contact with. They are con artists, who know exactly what they are doing and how to win your trust, and have you allow them into your child’s life without you being aware of their intentions and actions.

We have to be very aware of the behavior of people around our children, these are some of the red flags ; does this person only pay special attention to your child out of a group of kids, do they want Β “alone time” with your child, and do they like to involuntarily insert themselves in your child’s upbringing ( discipline, school activities, etc.). Pay attention to your child, is there a change in their behavior ( fearful of certain people or places) has their appetite changed, are they displaying overly mature behavior. These are just some of the signs.

If you find out that your child has been or is being molested, please remain calm (it’s easier said then done), talk to your child, ask them exactly when and where it happened. Remember children can be intimidated easily, so it’s more than likely that the molester has scared them in to staying quite, so please be patient and reassure your child that nothing is going to happen and that you believe them, and let them open up. Contact your local authorities right away and notify them of the situation. Follow through with legal action, because regardless of your relation to the molester, they should face consequences for their actions, and remember they are predators, who will just move on to the next target, and who knows how many children they are in contact with. It’s our job to make the environment our children grow up in safer.

-Ramblings of a Virgo







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