Serious Times

We are going through a time where there is so much going on, socially, politically, and emotionally. People are constantly on edge, and as time progresses things are only getting worse. I remember growing up and never hearing of  such a thing as suicide bombing, cyber attacks, or any social or political unrest. Yes, these are … Continue reading Serious Times


I am raised by a Lion

Why is it that the father and daughter bond isn't as highlighted as father and son or mother and son, why isn't society more accepting of a healthy and happy relationship between a father and his daughter? Is it because in most cultures having a daughter means that you have been given a burden to … Continue reading I am raised by a Lion

Why are we even together?

There is nothing more lonely then being with another human being who doesn't understand you. Someone who doesn't take the time to get to know you. If I can invest so much of my time to cater to your likes and dislikes the least you could do is ask me about how I'm feeling. As … Continue reading Why are we even together?