"Depression?" That's usually the first question you are asked if you tell someone close to you that you feel depressed. Depression is a mood disorder that causes you to feel sad, lonely, hopeless, and experience a loss of interest in everyday activities. Depression also affects your body, behavior, weight, and concentration. You need to be … Continue reading Depression


Domestic Violence Awareness

This topic is very close to me, because I have witnessed domestic abuse and it's side effects, something that has been etched into my mind and defines my childhood. Lets define domestic violence, it is a form of dominate or controlling behavior in a relationship between two partners, in most cases men over women. Anyone … Continue reading Domestic Violence Awareness

The skin I am given

Coming from a south Asian background, regardless of being born and raised in America, the color of my skin has been an issue. In the south Asian culture, the color of your skin determines your social status, if you have light skin you are favored more, given more opportunities, but that can be said for … Continue reading The skin I am given

Big Fat South Asian Wedding

There is nothing more celebrated in the South Asian culture then weddings. South Asian weddings are like mini festivals, a family reunion of sorts, with excess amount of food and loud music. Your rank in your social circle is determined on how extravagant the wedding is. Weddings in general are the only time when people … Continue reading Big Fat South Asian Wedding

Women vs The South Asian Dynamic

Disclaimer; I wrote this blog to highlight some of the negative issues most women face in the south Asian culture. You would think with how fast time is moving forward, our traditions and cultures would adapt with the rest of the world, but unfortunately that is not the case. All south Asian cultures are not … Continue reading Women vs The South Asian Dynamic